New Donnie Brasco Songs Up

Donnie Brasco have just put up a couple new songs on their Myspace that everyone should check out RIGHT NOW and then once you have all realised how awesome the band is you should go watch them if they come and play anywhere near you. Hint: the next gig is Pillowfest on the 20th of December and its free.

The new songs were recorded at Stakeout Studios, where Ghost Of A Thousand, Reuben, Blakfish and We Are The Ocean amongst others have previously recorded. The two new songs, ‘Forever Till The End’ and ‘From Hate Through To Hurt’ sound amazing and they really bring back the old punk sound that seems to be a bit lost at the moment with everyone just trying to be heavier than the next band but without the decent music to pull it off. Riff riff chug chug breakdown does not a song make.

Coming off as a cross between the 90’s punk of H2O, Strung Out and Fat Wreck Chords era stuff and the aggression and power of hardcore bands like Comeback Kid, it gives you all the gang vocals and fast guitars you could ever want! They put on a great live show and are worth checking out if you get the chance. I hope good things come to this band and they can get a full length out soon because they really deserve it.

Anyway go to the Donnie Brasco Myspace and listen to the songs and also if you can go to this show…


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