Album Of The Day: Pantera – Every Album Ever…

Yes, technically every album they have ever done kind of ruins album of the day premise but screw it its DimeDay!

This is going to be the start of a days worth of posts about Dime because today is the fifth year since Dime was tragically shot and killed on stage.

RIP Dimebag Darrell August 20th 1966 – December 8th 2004

Being every album means obviously it has a pretty decent selection and really what you all need to do is listen to every album one after the other all day today, no excuses just do it!

Personal favourites for me are ‘I’m Broken’, ‘5 Minutes Alone’, ‘Fucking Hostile’ and ‘Becoming’. The ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ cover is pretty awesome as well.

Best song – ‘5 Minutes Alone’

Or ‘Fucking Hostile’

All of their albums are here on Spotify


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