Album Of The Day: Winnebago Deal – Dead Gone

Imagine for a moment Queens Of The Stone Age and Black Sabbath played by punks who forgot to recruit a bassist. You basically have Winnebago Deal, lashings of stoner and blues based metal but played with an attitude and style like Zeke. The lack of a bassist means they often get comparisons to The White Stripes, but the two Bens (yes they really are both called Ben) will never be as annoying and boring as them and they manage to make as much noise as most 5 piece bands. Production from Jack Endino, of Nirvana (Bleach), Soundgarden, Zeke and Supersuckers fame, helps with the sound and even throws in a bit of grunge to the mix.

In the gap between this album and their second full length ‘Flight Of The Raven’ they also joined Mondo Generator with Nick Oliveri and played shows both as Winnebago Deal as support and then as Mondo Generator as headliners.

Best song on the album is the stop start aceness that is ‘Did It, Done It, Doing It Again’

The full album can be found on Spotify here


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