Album Of The Day: Fénix TX – Lechuza

The second and last release from one of the most underrated pop punk bands in the late 90’s early 00’s, you can pretty much stop reading if you hate Blink 182, Goldfinger, No Use For A Name and MxPx because they fit in perfectly with that style but sadly they broke up before the recognition really started to arrive for them.

This is a massive summer album and one of the only bands from that era that I still listen to every time summer begins, I think it has actually become a bit of a ritual, bit of sun in may and its in the garden top off and listening to Fénix TX. This album is a bit faster and stronger than the first self titled album and even shows a bit of their love for metal with songs like ‘Pasture Of Muppets’

So because it is actually quite sunny today why not have a listen and pretend you are a kid again  and laugh when they say fuck.

Best song is possibly their ode to boyhood dreams ‘Phoebe Cates’ (Its getting fucking hard trying to choose one song from each album!)

If you don’t know who Phoebe Cates is you should really watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High

The full album can be found on Spotify here


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