Album Of The Day: Fu Manchu – Daredevil

A friend of mine (Mrcozdude) said to me yesterday, “I want to make a stoner band like Fu Manchu”.I have listened to nothing but them since.

My very first attempt at being in a band included us trying to do a cover of Evil Eye, it was terrible mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t play guitar very well, I still can’t. I can see why we wanted to cover it though it is such a good song but Spotify doesn’t actually have any other album except Daredevil and a live album (it is on the live album).

Daredevil is still an ace album though and Coyote Duster (named Coyote Disaster on spotify for some reason) was one of their fir st classic songs IMO.

The full album can be found on Spotify here


4 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Fu Manchu – Daredevil”

  1. […] done them before for the AOTD with the albums, “We Must Obey” and “Daredevil” so go and check them out as […]

  2. […] had one Fu Manchu album as my AOTD before way back in November and they still haven’t got any of the best […]

  3. It’s a shame spotify don’t have many of their albums at all.I deleted all their stuff I had years ago.Better get it back.

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