I Miss Crap 80’s Thrash

This is probably one of the greatest cover version videos in the world. We are spoiled these days with how good we can film something, this is true budget video making!

BTW it is Lawnmower Deth (spotify them here) they also do a cover of the Osmonds Crazy Horses! The band members all have pretty amazing names….

  • Qualcast “Koffee Perkulator” Mutilator (Pete Lee) – vocals
  • Concorde Faceripper (Steve Nesfield) – guitar
  • Baron Kev Von Thresh Meister Silo Stench Chisel Marbels KP (Kevin Papworth) – guitar
  • Mightymo Destructimo (Chris Parkes) – bass
  • Explodin’ Dr Jaggers Flymo (Chris Flint) – drums

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