Rust ‘N’ Bones – Best Of Album Of The Day Vol. 2

That’s right folks, It’s that time again, I have collected all the best songs on each ‘Album Of The Day’ and put them in one lovely little bundle of joy that you can put right in Spotify and start funnelling awesomeness directly into your listening holes!

Just click the image to get the compilation. Some kind of listening device like speakers or headphones are recommended. It kinda helps.

Album Of The Day Vol 2

Rust N Bones – Best Of Album Of The Day Vol. 2 featuring:

Mötley Crüe
Boy Sets Fire
A Static Lullaby
The Black Dahlia Murder
Billy Talent
Cancer Bats
Mad Caddies
City and Colour
Tom Waits


3 Responses to “Rust ‘N’ Bones – Best Of Album Of The Day Vol. 2”

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  3. […] but they are undoubtedly 16 of the best tracks you will hear today. Possibly. Unless you listen to Vol. 2 or Vol. 1 because obviously they are also just as […]

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