Betty Boop

betty boop

I saw a car plastered in Betty Boop stickers earlier. I nearly sicked in my mouth! I don’t really get the fascination with the big headed cartoon character to be honest, is it just because when she came out in the 1930’s people were amazed by her prancing around in lingerie and her ‘sex appeal’. ( How does she even have sex appeal, she’s a cartoon character! Now Misty from Pokemon on the other hand she was nice…)

Must have been a stricter culture then if people managed to get excited by her. We now have the internet, I think it has ruined most people. In a good way though obviously.


6 Responses to “Betty Boop”

  1. The person who commented on seeing a car plastered with Betty Boop stickers and feeling sick Iberia it needs to lighten up and realise that people can be individual and it’s their car their taste makes them happy and that’s all that matters. Whoever you are take a happy pill chill out and keep your stupid childish opinions to yiouraelf.
    For the person malenor female plastering their car in Betty boop, well done great to see some humour and oh souxh better than some foul graffitti. Happy days

    Dee from Kent

  2. im a fan of betty

  3. I think you have missed the point that Betty Boop was a massive slag, and was the only cartoon character of her time that could handle dvda…

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