Album Of The Day: Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer

Cancer Bats Hail Destroyer album cover

Tonight is fireworks night. So I’m going somewhere underground all night and watching Cancer Bats instead! It is going to be awesome, the last time I saw them play I spent far too much and got far too drunk and sang far to much into the mic. If you have ever heard my attempts at singing you will know that is a bad thing!

Saying all that I hope to do exactly the same tonight.

Is it lame to wear a band T shirt of the band you are seeing? I have never known this, I always think people look kind of stupid all wearing the same t shirts but at the same time you are supporting the band…. Fuck it I’ll just go naked.

Hail Destroyer is an amazing album erm basically that is all I have to say about it. If you don’t like it I’m pretty sure that means you are either deaf or you got bummed by your uncle or something.

Best song ‘Lucifer’s Rocking Chair’

The full album is on Spotify here


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer”

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