The Day Online Freedom Died

Dead Kennedys Taping Music Is Killing It

So after the months of talking about it, the tit that is Peter Mandelson has officially announced that downloaders will be cut off from the net after two warnings. (See this BBC News story)

I have written enough about my thoughts on the whole massive cock up on these posts: Lily Allen and Matt Bellamy talk piracy and Talk Talk tell Mandelson to jog on plus a few others which you can find on here somewhere.

I will however leave you with these little thoughts:

  • To be able to bring the policy in they had to quietly get rid of an existing EU policy that protected citizens’ right to Internet access. [slashdot]
  • The facts and figures quoted to support the 3 Strike policy are mostly just a load of bollocks. [Badscience]
  • The music business is having a tough time because it now has to actually work hard and is not a bottomless pit of excess and despicable executives, not just because people are downloading but because music companies have terrible business models that wouldn’t work for any other kind of business. [Lanark]
  • Sharing leads to more fans and more people knowing who/what something is. [Lanark..again]
  • Likewise music pirates are 10 times more likely to buy music. [The Guardian]
  • The MI5 have said cutting off the net is a bad idea! THE MI5!!! [The Times]
  • Spotify….
  • And most importantly, 2009 has been a record breaking year for singles sales in the UK. [The British Recorded Music Industry]

Lot’s of links yes, but you only have to go to them if you want to read more about each particular point, I would recommend you do! Also take a look at the picture at the top, that isn’t recent…


3 Responses to “The Day Online Freedom Died”

  1. […] So this means Spotify is proving itself to be a big contender in the business now and its free but still legal for consumers, 2009 has still managed to be a record breaking year for single sales despite this and the fact that people that pirate music tend to be massive fans and spend a lot more than the average consumer on music anyway. (All talked about the day online freedom died) […]

  2. […] The Internet. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s also a horrible cesspool of ignorance, stupidity and downright ugliness. But hey, we made the Internet in our own image. It has become the last medium for freedom in the modern world. A completely unregulated, un-moderated haven where you can do what you want and say what you want. Until now. […]

  3. fucking douchefags! There so fucking stupid it hurts my face!

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