Album Of The Day: Extreme ll – Pornograffitti

Extreme - Pornograffitti album cover

This is pure funky metal awesomes, with a few chart topping ballads thrown in for good measure. ‘More Than Words’ is the most requested song at weddings in America and I’m sure 90% of the people requesting it have never heard anything else by Extreme, they probably don’t even know Extreme wrote the song they probably just know it as ‘that song more than words’. Still it is a good song with ace acoustic work by Nuno Bettencourt but the real amazing parts of this album are when he is allowed to plug in and do some funky shredding.

Imagine the funkiness of Faith No More but with George Lynch playing it with his best pinch harmonics and you kind of get an idea of how amazing this album is.

Best song is either Get The Funk Out or He-Man Woman Hater (which has flight of the bumblebee as an intro)

Click to listen to the whole album on Spotify


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