My Capri – Rust 'N' Bones

Just because my car is in such a sorry state at the moment, needing a new cylinder head and more lows, I thought I would show you the car’s Before and After pictures from the years I have had it.





Still so much to do….


(BTW you can follow more recent updates on my Capri by going to ‘The Rust N Bones Capri‘ category)


2 Responses to “My Capri – Rust 'N' Bones”

  1. Hi Lox,

    Just wondered how much the Capri had been lowered by on the front? I’m trying to pick one up at the minute and yours is absolutely perfect.
    Hope you can help, thanks buddy……and if you fancy selling her?!! Wink….

    Cheers again.

    • @Stu When that picture was taken it was down 2 inches on springs and about another inch on lower profile tyres at the front. It’s just recently come down a lot lower now though…

      Everything is for sale at the right price, but my price will probably be ridiculously high…lol

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