Rat Attack – The Southern Lights Music Video

rat attack this is art photoshoot

The song ‘The Southern Lights’ off the new Rat Attack E.P. – This Is Art has now got a proper video! Coming out at the perfect time for Halloween with a sick video filmed in The Cavern, it has everything you need for an awesome video – Women in cages, Zombie band members and silly fast editing. Oh yeah it also has a pretty good song as the basis…

Hopefully this will let more people hear Rat Attack and then they will feel compelled to go and buy the album. (at HMV, Amazon, Play or on the bands label Lockjaw)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So now you have seen the video and thought ‘wow bugger me that is really really quite terrifically amazing’ you can click the links above and buy the album! Or if you live in Exeter get your shitty arsehole to HMV or Martian and pick up a copy.


One Response to “Rat Attack – The Southern Lights Music Video”

  1. that vids awesome! doesnt look like the cavern at all. obv apart from the begining

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