Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Damo Suzuki – Please Heat This Eventually

omar rodriguez lopez and damo suzuki - please heat this eventually album cover

This is an epic collaboration between two very important figures in the progressive rock scene, from two different decades. Damo Suzuki best known as the one of the vocalists from Can who appeared on perhaps their best known albums during the 1970’s (Future Days,Ege Bamyasi & Tago Mago) & Omar Rodriguez Lopez best known as the guitarist and band leader of The Mars Volta.

First of all, although it’s titled as a collaboration album, it’s pretty clear Damo had no control over the quality of music as the musicians are from previous Omar solo recordings. But that being said this particular line-up is my personal favourite Omar Rodriguez Lopez group and certainly the most jazz inspired. Now the scene has been set it’s easier to begin to understand the album and it’s direction. Please Heat Eventually is one long song which has been split into two separate tracks (Each one spanning a side of the record) and within each separate track three parts or divisions of the song, the result is one twenty five minute epic. It’s clear Omar & Damo shares the same ambitions of the experimental and improvisational sides of music which is clearly heard on this recording… The song itself is a wonderful combination and musical acid trip that fans would expect from the two. Essentially it’s one long jam with Damo improvising lyrics “sung in no one particular language” over psychedelic themes provided by Omar’s group featuring lengthy guitar solos, fusion rhythms and powerful performances from Adrián Terrazas-González on saxophone & bass Clarinet. To confuse Omar & Damo fans even more, the album was recorded into sections some live and some studio. This can be quite noticeable as most of the musical themes are evolved and explored and some can end abruptly,which is very possibly the merging of the two different recording settings. But to say that as a downfall of the album is really splitting hairs.

The true downfall is that I would have to put this amongst the collectors/fans only as it is very specialised. But to redeem the album I would recommend the 2 disc Japanese edition of Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo which not only contains the fantastic original album with an instrumental version of this song.It also contains Please Heat Eventually in full on the bonus disc.

Great album,unfortunate format.

Some extremely short,rare and bad video quality footage of the two performing.

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6 Responses to “Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Damo Suzuki – Please Heat This Eventually”

  1. great page ! I really appreciate this artist !
    Have you heared of The Sentimental Engine Slayer movie with Omar Rodriguez?

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  2. Awesome post, I did not thought this would be so great when I read the title with link.

  3. Are you a writer? Do you allow guest posts? Nicely done, Steven.

    • Hey Steven, what would you want to write about? give me a quick e-mail with a draft of something and I’ll let you know!

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