Album Of The Day: Silvertide – Show and Tell

Silvertide- Show and Tell album coverSilvertide are one of the many, many bands that play straight up hard rock and take all of their style and influence from classic rock, think Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry (erm, I have no idea why the word Cherry seems to come up so much in this genre) Wolfmother, Jet etc etc. But for some reason Silvertide are barely known compared to most of these other pretty shitty rip off bands (well except Black Stone Cherry they are actually good). Silvertide are destined to go down in history as one of the many great bands who are criminally underrated.

The singer, Walt Lafty, as well as having one of the best names ever, has an amazing voice and propels the few slower ballads on the album into anthems and the guitar work of Nick Perri, who also played in Shinedown, make sure the songs don’t become tired AC/DC re-hashes like so many other bands seem to force upon listeners (I’m looking at you Jet!)

Best song on the album is probably the epic closer Foxhole J.C. but their isn’t a single video of it online so you will have to check it out on Spotify instead.

California Rain is on youtube though and is still amazing


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