Lily Allen Is No Longer Getting Semi Naked For Ads

lil allen kinky sailor outfit

OK, so many things wrong with this, how did I not know Lily Allen was working as the face of the stupidly expensive but awesomely advertised lingerie company Agent Provocateur? And why the bloody heck have they dropped her now!? To make matters worse it seems there aren’t actually any pictures! Much disappointment my way, I was looking forward to seeing what skimpy lingerie Agent Provocateur had out this season. Honest. There was no other reason for looking for the pictures at all.

Hmm oh well you will just have to settle for the next best awesomes, sadly she appears to be wearing dresses most of the time not lingerie dammit!

lily allen stripy sofa

lily allen pink dress

lily allen panda bear

lily allen in a towel

lily allen ID magazine pop-sicle laughing

lily allen I-D magazine photo shoot

lily allen face shot

lily allen dotted stripe dress

lily allen blue top

lily allen black and white dress

lily allen backstage chill outlily allen I-D front cover geeks

Yeah I may have got carried away a little bit then. Oh by the way to see the NSFW shots from the I-D magazine photo shoot you can by clicking here and here. (Don’t worry it’s a link to my site, so you wont get taken to some dodgy virus site)


One Response to “Lily Allen Is No Longer Getting Semi Naked For Ads”

  1. wow Lily has a really cute body!

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