Rat Attack – This Is Art

Rat Attack - This is art album cover

This Is Art is the new CD by Exeter locals Rat Attack and is a 6 song smash in the fucking face of the same kind I got when I first heard Orchestra Of the Wolves. Seeming to take over from the space left when The Bronx seemed to lose some venom after their first album, it tears through all 6 songs in under 16 minutes and leaves you wanting more, much more. That’s not to say this album is a rip off of that first Bronx album though, oh no, it stands up on it’s own better than most new bands have been able to this year and gives a swift kick in the balls to the recent Hardcore releases.

Rat Attack - This is art rear and cd

It is an absolutely killer album and should see that they tour loads off the back of it. They are an awesome live band as well so if you get the chance to see them (some tour dates…) you really should check them out. But if they aren’t playing anywhere near you, the least you can do is buy this album (at HMV, Amazon, Play or with a T shirt on Lockjaw records) You can check them out at there Myspace if you think I hold no valuable opinion on music (I did admit to knowing the whole Grease soundtrack a few posts back….)

Rat Attack - This is art booklet

Overall I give this album a lot of stars, or points or whatever ratings people like. I give the picture inside the cover some more stars though, mainly for the bassist, Dan Wilson’s, awesome porno tache.

Rat Attack - This is art inside cover


4 Responses to “Rat Attack – This Is Art”

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