Album Of The Day: Gym Class Heroes – As Cruel As School Children

Gym Class Heores - As Cruel As School Children

A bit of Alternative Hip Hop today. Yes you have heard them. No you probably didn’t like them.

The newest album (The Quilt) with that awful ‘Cookie Jar’ song has tainted them a bit because ‘As Cruel As School Children’ (the one with ‘Cupids Chokehold’ on) and ‘The Papercut Chronicles’ are decent pop/alt hip hop albums.

Cupids Chokehold is probably the worst song on the album but was the lead single and got them their first big hit, I think the video with a (just) pre fame Katy Perry had a lot to do with that… The radio friendly song ain’t bad, its just the worst song on an album full of win. The song was also on ‘The Papercut Chronicles’ and had a different music video but was slightly remixed and released again for ‘As Cruel As School Children’

The lyrics are brilliant and range from egotistical rapping about sexing up his teachers to finding love on Myspace (Yes the album is actually so old [2006! Ancient!] people still used Myspace then!) and the whole album is based around a high school theme with the album being split into different ‘periods’

Best song is probably ‘Clothes Off’ which takes samples from a classic 80’s funk song by Jermaine Stewart called ‘We Dont Have To Take Our Clothes Off’. Dont let the fact that the fat one from Fall Out Boy does the singing parts put you off though.

This is the Jermaine Stewart song. Feel the 80’s-ness!

Just because we all love to see Katy Perry, have the Cupid’s Chokehold video as well. The original version from Papercuts is underneath.

I’ve changed my mind now and decided that Clothes Off isn’t the best song but I cant be bothered to change it all so just check out the whole album on Spotify


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