Album Of The Day: Transplants – Transplants

This album has confused me quite a bit because when I think of it I think of summer circa ’04-’05, you know, back in the day when we actually had summers. But I just looked and realised this album came out in 2002! Weird because I remember buying the album on its release, so i’m not sure why my memories of it are from 2 years after. Must have been a grower.

It’s a fully awesome album though from the genius that is Tim Armstrong (from Rancid). Who would have thought the mish mash of punk, ska, hip hop and rough vocals would have worked quite so well. With Travis Barker bringing some amazing drums to the show and a plethora of guests, including, Davey Havok and Brody Armstrong. The album should have taken off much more than it did, still they did manage to end up on a L’Oreal advert…

Best song is probably the Wu Tang tribute D.R.E.A.M.

The full album is available on Spotify


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Transplants – Transplants”

  1. it was a Garnier advert fuck nugget

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