TalkTalk Tell Mandelson To Jog On

Lord Mandelson with green custard all on his face

As you may have read about in my last few posts about Lily Allen talking  about file sharing and the FAC meeting on piracy. Lord Mandelson wants to ban people from the internet who are caught file sharing (The FAC are against a ban but they do want to propose restrictions on bandwidth), now mobile broadband and phone network TalkTalk have said they will not cut off any of their users and say they will fight any attempts to do so in court. This is what they said:

“The approach proposed by Lord Mandelson is based on the principle of guilty until proven innocent and substitutes proper judicial process for a kangaroo court,” he said.

“What is being proposed is wrong in principle and it won’t work in practice.”

“TalkTalk will continue to resist any attempts to make it impose technical measures on its customers (unless directed to do so by a court or a recognised tribunal). In the event we are instructed to impose extrajudicial technical measures we will refuse to do so and challenge the instruction in the courts,”


BT have also come out in support of this stance and have publicly criticised Mandelson’s ridiculous ideas. BSkyB however have voiced concerns over the costs that they will have but have said they will back Mandelson.

It’s a stupid idea that wont work because it will be extremely hard to police somebody’s internet usage with the rise of mobile broadband, WiFi, and work computers, it will lead to more people stealing open WiFi connections and now the broadband providers themselves have said they will fight it in court if necessary!

Lord Mandelson, your idea is stupid and it will not work! Please just drop it and start thinking of new ideas instead of using government resources to try and back and massively failing idea.


4 Responses to “TalkTalk Tell Mandelson To Jog On”

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