Album Of The Day: The Bronx – The Bronx

the bronx 1 2003 self titled

This is the original self titled album as opposed to the later albums, ‘The Bronx’ and ‘The Bronx’ just so you don’t get confused. It is also not the Mariachi El Bronx side project. It is an amazing album and when it came out in 2003 it reignited my love for an otherwise piss poor punk scene.

Best song: False Alarm. It has Rocket From The Crypt feel to it

Also worthy of mentions are ‘They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)’

And ‘Heart Attack American’

The album isn’t on Spotify but the 2nd and 3rd albums are on it here


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: The Bronx – The Bronx”

  1. […] how bloody brilliant the first self titled The Bronx album was? Well now add some quintessintial grey Britishness to it and a sprinkling of much heavier […]

  2. […] is the second longest song on the album, ‘Explode’ and it features Matt Caughthran from The Bronx (Joby from The Bronx produced the […]

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