What Stew Wears – Day 24

brun, bruin, Braun, colore marrone, marrom, коричневый цвет.

Anyway you say it, its still just brown

what stew wears day 24

Bonus points for the words Biff and Biff Out. Although surely a brown biff is just an asshole


4 Responses to “What Stew Wears – Day 24”

  1. i thought it was a Alabama hot pocket?

    • according to Urban Dictionary
      Alabama Hot pocket = A vindictive procedure where a man wearing a condom uses a linement such as Icy Hot or Ben Gay-type heating rub as a condom lubricant (applied only to the exterior or the condom) to give a sexual partner (usually a woman) a nasty, painful suprise.

      However there is some confusion because some people seem to think an alabama hot pocket and a texas hot pocket are the same and it is “When you shit in a girl’s vagina and fuck it.” which is the term Urban Dictionary uses

  2. Texas hot pocket…

  3. ha! biff

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