What Stew Wears – Day 23

I promised you something special and by god have I delivered it!

Stew wasn’t representin’ today only managing brown shorts, socks and shoes and failing with a red and grey checkered shirt. So I thought I had to keep the brown love going.


And yes you can buy them!


6 Responses to “What Stew Wears – Day 23”

  1. oh and joe i’ll have your shirt. will fit me. its dan by the way.

  2. wow! stew is wearing red. it really clashes with the ginger look he has going on. now he just looks like he’s trying to be whitey!

  3. epppppic yesssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Link to where I can buy one please.

    • Shop Linky

      Be warned though the sizes are on the large side. Also I have a Small available for anyone that is more like a medium in normal sizes. Its the one I’m wearing in the picture and its way to big for me, Ive only had it on twice once to try on and once for the picture but anyway its urs for a fiver if anyone want it.

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