Billie Piper

There is a discussion at the moment about Billie Piper and if she is actually fit or not? I’m in the definite yes camp, but a few people can’t seem to get over the fact that Chris Evans has been in there.  Hmm a case for her being fit is as follows

billie pipermartini glass billie piperBillie_Piper_j15billie_piper_04billie_piper_03billie_piper_02billie piper white topbillie piper on a bedbillie piper fruit

And a case for not fit…Funny how they all seem to include picture of Chris Evans.

piper evansbillie and chrisbillie_chris_drinking

Verdict – Fit and getting fitter the longer she stays away from Chris Evans

I just realised as well I should have included her in the ginger festival post!


10 Responses to “Billie Piper”

  1. templerman Says:

    She looks just fine to me, but then again i’m just half British, and half American.

  2. “Billie Piper | Rust ‘N’ Bones – Never Let The Spark Die” Hunter Douglas
    was in fact a wonderful article. However, if it included even more photographs it
    would certainly be quite possibly a lot better. All the best -Johanna

  3. ide bone that milf anyday of the week, ide lick any hole, crevis, or roll on her body.

  4. Andrew Sterry Says:

    Billie is perfect the way she is

  5. dave i think jesus aimed that at you. i have a perfectly average sized face

  6. your face is too big

  7. I’m sorry, its just her teeth, they are too big.

    With her mouth closed she’s not bad at all, but of all the pics you’ve posted above, she has her mouth completely closed in only one.

    And she’s had Chris Even, well, you know, everywhere! So no thanks from me.

    • She also has a very wide mouth to go with the teeth though dave, A WIDE MOUTH!

      • Jade Margery Says:

        Maybe Dave doesn’t need a girl with a wide mouth…

        Srslytho, what’s wrong with a heavier girl? She’s still a great actor, wide or thin. I’ll say this for the pictures with Chris Evans in them–she looks really happy in every one of them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thanks Jade, she was sooo much prettier and healthier looking before she got all boney

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