Gig Flyers

On my daily internet travels I happened to come across, A brilliant website that is an archive  for shed loads of punk flyers. I’ve been going through it for ages now and some of the artwork is amazing, they are all from Tuscon, Phoenix and LA and shows what the punk and hardcore scene must have been like there in the 80’s. They are all very cheaply made with hand drawn artwork and dodgy photocopying, its ridiculous how good you can do them now with no budget and hardly any effort compared to the hard work that must have gone into the old ones.

Here are some of the best flyers from the site.

blackflag manson flyer

vandals flyer

Suicidal Tendencies

Subhumans flyer

D.O.A flyer

Conflict flyer


One Response to “Gig Flyers”

  1. Awesome flyers and link man, some of the stuff back then looks cool as fuck

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