Every Time I Die – Party Poopers

I was looking through Twitter yesterday when I saw this tweet from therealetid

Watch the entire EVERY TIME I DIE dvd now free! Click the link to trade a tweet for a free ticket! http://etid.culturejam.com #ETID


So obviously I had to do it! one quick retweet later and im watching the whole of Party Poopers online for free 2 weeks before its even out. And its legal! If you have never seen any of the Every Time I Die videos before then basically get ready for lots of very immature behaviour and fart jokes. But for an extra bonus to all the locals around these parts there is quite a few bits filmed in the Cavern! woo for Exeter!

So first off follow ETID on twitter, just because well you should, and then go to this site and get retweeting!


One Response to “Every Time I Die – Party Poopers”

  1. […] if you can find it buy it immediately because it shows just how cool Every Time I Die are, in fact all their DVD’s they release with albums are ace so just go and buy the fucking lot of them. […]

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