Top Five Covers

After listening to the Atreyu cover of Bon Jovi earlier I have just been listening to cover versions all day, I remember back when you could find a punk version of anything (usually by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes). They all followed the exact same format and were generally a bit crap after the comedy of the first listen wore off. Now everything seems to be hardcore covers, but then again everything seems to be ‘hardcore’ nowadays.

Anyway have my top 5 cover versions, in no particular order.

First up A Static Lullaby doing Toxic by Britney Spears. This is just brilliant because they actually made a music video for it!

Goldfingers cover of 99 Red Ballons is probably the most well known punk cover, I swear I used to think this was the original!

Now for something a bit different have the most savage band in the world covering (very accurately) the most savage electronic artist in the world

How about a rap cover? This is cool because the band went out of there comfort zone and did it in the original style. Hot Rod Circuit covering Gin and Juice.

And finally just because I love the original so much and because Attack Attack! sound exactly like Enter Shikari, have some I Kissed A Girl originally by the lovely Katy Perry.

Hmm five is not enough have some more as well!

Dillinger Escape Plan did a cover of NIN’s wish and then they played it onstage with them in Perth which looked awesome! so have that video

Have them doing Hot For Teacher as well

Have another rap cover as well, this time Notorious Thugs followed by Men In Black

I have loads more I want to do but i think i’ll give you all a rest now! 🙂


6 Responses to “Top Five Covers”

  1. yalll sukkk balls

  2. I agree everything does seem to be hardcore nowadays – my son is really into it and there are loads of covers – one he played me this week “Everytime” by Yashin which is a cover of a Britney Spears song.

  3. […] to say the re-release of this album included and extra song which was a metalcore cover of Toxic, that might put you off […]

  4. […] I have just been sent this rather brilliant cover ( no not that Ben Folds Cover thats a Dr Dre Song) by @Lordmanley of Nina Gordon covering ‘Straigh Outta Compton’ that I thought was worth sharing. Could be one of my new favourite cover songs […]

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