What Stew Wears Day 3 – Big Changes!

Holy crapoly! He’s rocking a rather splendid WHITE SHIRT!!! Even more amazingly Dave kindly donated a tie for him to wear as well. So not only is he wearing a different colour than brown, hes wearing a tie. And to top it all off BROWN shorts.


Nobody else can look that cool in a shirt/tie/shorts combo! He does need to get some more poses, he cant do menacing and angry very well.

I can’t help but think what he would be wearing if he wasnt trying to just prove a point? My prediction for tomorrow – brown. I’m guessing he only has one white shirt


7 Responses to “What Stew Wears Day 3 – Big Changes!”

  1. boob face Says:

    I too agree that the ginger one needs a different pose. His short stubby fingers don’t inspire, to any degree, fear in his many enemies.

  2. I’m Pretty sure I’m actually Gay

  3. Im not completely sure BUT I think maybe, just maybe the man who calls himself jesus, is actually stew…..

  4. Make him wear the Banana suit. He could always wear blue that doesn’t clash with ginger i know Ive tried.

  5. hahahahahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahaha

    banananananananaaaaa cake

  6. I Will End You!

  7. I think a nice straw hat would have finished the new outfit off, but i guess a man that wears mainly brown has no real dress sense anyway.

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