Skate and BMX Kill It

I’ve been in a bit of a skate and bmx watching frenzy lately after being blown away by the new Nike advert I talked about a couple of posts ago. So I thought I would just drop a couple more videos for people to watch. First off is the new ‘Rick’ Lakai advert, which is pretty funny and because of the fact youtube does HD now looks absolutely stunning! Skate makes really are killing it with the adverts these days. Much better than the stupidly annoying shite that gets put on TV nowadays!

Another cool ad at the moment is for 9five eyewear, which is a sound/beat mash up that seem to be all the style these days. This one is soo much cooler just because its got some sweet skating in as well as the beats, not just some annoying prick cutting up vegetables.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now for something a bit different have some footage of an insane looking new trick called the ‘cash roll’ by Daniel Dhers at the Nike 6.0 Huntington Beach BMX Pro. Man I love the HD button!

And just before you get back to looking at porn, check out the new Manik X decks by tattoo artist Chris Adams, they have a proper old skool tattoo flavour to them. No video though just a pic….

manik x chris Adams


2 Responses to “Skate and BMX Kill It”

  1. I must visit Huntington Beach. Now. Right now!

    Some great ads there and the BMX comp was amazing, all of the tricks that were said to be ‘big tricks’ a couple of years ago when i last watched any BMX street stuff was all being pulled with ease.

    • I know, I watched some Mountain Bike videos the other day and they’re doing tailwhips and insane stuff like that! surely its gonna get to the point where you can no longer progress and do anything different?

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