Retro Rides Gathering 2009

retro rides gathering 09 poster

Retro Rides Gathering 09

This weekend is the Retro Rides gathering for 2009. I missed last years gathering at the Heritage Motor Centre, which I was absolutely gutted about, because the first ever RR show in 2007 at Mallory Park was such a great weekend. I havent managed to get my car to any  of them yet so this year was going to be a big show for me.

My cars been missfiring for ages now and over the last couple of weeks I along with a good friend, have been desperately trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with it! Its now 3 days before the show and we have come to the conclusion that the many years of killing my valve seats with unleaded petrol my head has finally said ‘nah mate, you can stop feeding me that shite petrol right now!’

Looks like I wont be going in my own car then 😦 I was tempted to get weekend van hire and make my car a show queen. I mean I would be gutted if I had to drive my car on the dirty roads! Its far to clean and shiny for that…..

Anyway have a picture of my car looking sorry for itself

Broke ass capri

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