Alexisonfire – Old Crows/Young Cardinals

First things first, I feel I should tell you that i’ve only recently got into Alexisonfire having always discarded them as one of the many crappy screamo/hardcore bands without actually listening to them at all. I remedied this recently when I went on a bit of a trip looking back at old music (when I say old I mean stuff I overlooked in school and college!) and along with a lot of ‘Nu Metal’ bands I discarded just because of the genre tags (and to some degree the people who listened to it….) I got hold of a copy of Crisis and fell in love. It was about christmas time I got it and now 7 months later I would easily place it in one of my favorite albums of all time.

The reason I felt I needed to say this is because Alexisonfire have a very very loyal (and by loyal I mean bitchy) fanbase and every new album comes under fire from the ‘old skool’ fans because its not as heavy/screamy/exactly the same-y as the one before it. Accusations of ‘selling out’ are rife and generally people cant seem to accept the change in style, no matter how sleight. I’m not one of these fans and tbh dont rate the earlier albums that much.
This whole palaver has recently been addressed by the band themselves in a few blog posts. This blog here is where they put up an angry letter written by a ‘fan’ and then they later replied with this quite funny post.

As the above recent photo from there Secret Myspace shows they still have plenty of fans and a lot of hardcore ones at that. The loss of a few fans unappreciative of there more mature sound (which is kinda what happens when a band grows up!) is nothing compared to how many new fans I reckon the new album will get them. The first song on the ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’ deals with all this with the repeated chorus line “we are not the kids we used to be (stop wishing for yesterday)” I like there style!

Now I do realize I haven’t actually reviewed this album at all and there is a reason for this, I’m too biased for my love for the album and the band so it would be a totally one sided view of the album which is no good to anyone! If you like Hardcore/Post-Hardcore or even, with this album, just a fan of plain old non-genre specific rock, then I wholeheartedly urge you to check Old Crows out.

The album can be bought here on Amazon
It can also be found here on Itunes

This is the lead single off the album ‘Young Cardinals’



All pictures used here can be found on the Alexisonfire website in the media section

6 Responses to “Alexisonfire – Old Crows/Young Cardinals”

  1. […] elements of shouty/singy the band sometimes sound like a bit more metalcore version of Alexisonfire, mainly due to the amazing sung vocals. Every now and again with parts such as the beginning of […]

  2. […] good video and it suits the song perfectly. The Northern is easily the best on the new album, ‘Old Crows Young Cardinals’ and I’m stoked they chose to release it as a […]

  3. oh anon, you do make me giggle!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this album is absolute shit , don't waste your money old aof is so much better

  5. Mrcozdude Says:

    oh right you've done it.Is there any for it to go straight to reviews and not on the main page?Not necessary for this one mind.

  6. Mrcozdude Says:

    Any idea how we can put these in a reviews sections yet?

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