Omar Rodriguez Lopez – The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange


Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Heavy Prog

By Mrcozdude

This is by far my favourite Omar release and quite possibly one of my most listened to albums.With Omar’s solo & Mars Volta releases there are certain elements in which Omar brings within every song he features on and have subsequently become a prominent part of his playing and overall sound. There is no doubt he has influences from avant guard, Jazz/fusion, progressive rock and Puerto Rican musicians and this album perhaps captures these more so then his earlier solo albums released prior to this revealing itself as a far more concentrated record.

This is his fourth solo release and second as the Omar Rodriguez Quintet with a line-up of five musicians with roles like that very much of a jazz band featuring sax/bass clarinets, keyboards and the obvious drums, bass and guitar. The overall essence of the album from first listen you’ll release how improvisation and spontaneous jamming is the nature of this album. Though each song seems to veer from one extreme music style to the next with Melting Chariots being very much funk rock opener for the album next to sparked from the insult list almost being Santana-esq then to the very psychedelic/avant realms of the self titled song Apocalypse inside of an orange. The track listing is very much like that throughout the album which would surely make you think that could would loose the context and overall theme of an album but that’s irrelevant, when there isn’t a style to begin with other then Omar’s. But that’s the brilliance of this album and Omar in general, It doesn’t loose touch of it’s purpose. Others things you may notice is jams and ideas making reprises and being remodelled for future Mars Volta songs. This albums example is Jacob Van Lennepkade II which would soon become Viscera Eyes on the album Amputechture.
So if your already a fan of The Mars Volta and Omar or even fusion music this album is not missed. Recommended songs: Melting Chariots & Coma Pony.
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By Mrcozdude


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