Retro Show

On The 12th of July I went on the long ass drive up to Santa Pod, although thankfully I wasnt driving (i would have been way over the limit anyway so probably for the best!). I caught a lift with a mate in a sweet satin black mk1 fezza that looked awesome totally smoothed and shaved.

Our stand was quite small but had an awesome group of cars with a mk1 Escort, a mk2 Escort estate, 2 mk1 golfs and 2 mk1 fiestas. Next year we hope to get more people along and I hope to get my car there as well!
The stand was called S.O.S and its an awesome club thats just starting out and I hope to be a part of it in the future.
On the saturday when we arrived it was actually Rotorstock so the strip was full of stupidly fast (yet in my eyes not that interesting) jap stuff, a few of who stayed for some fun on the sunday as well. After drinking all day in the sun we went back to the campsite for a BBQ (Thanks Ash, Ellen, Laura and Dave, Rich and anyone else who’s food i stole, for sorting that out!)
After hoping lots that our gazebo wasn’t gonna fly off we decided to head into the main beer tent. It then rained. Lots. luckily most of the time it was wet I was asleep and when I woke the next morning the weather was lovely again (save for a minor blip through the day when it rained for about 2 minutes…)
I have to say I loved the sunday, cool cars and drag racing, what more is there to enjoy?!

Pictures from the show can be found here

Ash’s Photobucket

Pics from speed hunters

Pics from Mk1 Owners Club

Rich’s Photobucket

Pics from Retro Rides

Daves Photobucket

After all the petrol soaked fun times it was time to
pack up and leave so i’ll just leave
you with a couple of pictures of the journey home.





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