Cars, music, alcohol and erm being poor!

so this would be my first blog and i guess i’ll start with a bit about me (exciting stuff trust me!) erm ok ive just turned 21 and finished uni and have now been pushed unwillingly into the big bad real world, with jobs and having to wake up and all the really awful stuff. i have a degree in sound technology, which means obviously i love music but my other major love is cars.
hmm yeah enough of that bollocks.
So far this summer i moved back to Exeter from my uni house in Cardiff, went to Download, went to Retro Cars Show at Santa Pod and some other stuff that i really cant remember at the moment but i’m sure it will come to me. I’ll talk about it more in different posts no doubt. i’ll do more as and when, so yeah read it if you want or if you dont want to read my crap you can just give me some money instead 🙂

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